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If you interest history architectural of Japan. In Shinjuku,compact cluster and line by most than hundred tiny bars in a dark corner called Golden Gai. When almost the nearby city was redeveloped in concrete but Golden Gai retains the post-war charm, a simply tiny fragment of old Tokyo. Now, it was difficult to find this kind of architectural heritage in the Tokyo. united 2(Golden Gai Street)united 3(A narrow stairs to up side/狭窄的楼梯 )united 4      The alleys much too narrow to get even a small car get in. Each building is only a few wide and it has a steep set of stairs leading to a separate establishment. With space seating only a few customers, some of them only serve regular and local customers. Tokyo’s salaryman always like have a drink and enjoy their nightlife in the bars of Golden Gai. Honestly say,except the culture and environment of Japanese style,we also like the shop design look like street art.
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united 7         But it has some of the bars open for welcome of foreign with without drinking fee for foreign only. It provided signs and menus set outside listing prices in English. Most of the bars is open on 9.00pm if you enjoy the night life so REMEBER don’t go it early time. 

united 8You can find local people and foreign at Golden Gai/ 在Golden Gai你可很容易找到当地居民和外国游客)united 9

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DSC_0172(You also can find the BBQ shop at here / 在这你也可找到烧烤店)DSC_0179

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如果你是对东京历史建筑有兴趣。在新宿,在一个叫Golden Gai坐落黑暗角落里,它是由一百多个小酒吧紧凑群集组成的。当附近的城市在中心发展时,Golden Gai仍保留着战后的建筑风格,这里是让你在东京看到古老建筑的其中一区。如今的东京很难找到这种建筑遗产。



DSC_0182      狭窄小巷甚至不能让一辆小车驾进去。每栋建筑只有几米宽,而通往楼上是由陡峭的楼梯单独建立的。由于空间有限座位少数, 只能服务少数顾客所以有些酒吧只是服务他们的长期顾客和本地顾客。东京的上班族总爱下班后喝酒,Golden Gai是他们享受夜生活其中一个地方。老实说,除了日本风格的文化和环境外,我们也喜欢街头艺术的店面设计。DSC_0185       有一些酒吧是针对外国游客,而且它的饮料费还是免费。在它的店面外你能看到以英文为主的菜单及价格。这些酒吧的营业时间大多数为晚上九点后,如果你想体验那里的夜生活不要太早过去。DSC_0187

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