Japan Tokyo Trip 2018

[My #Japan Travel (Introduction)]
Tokyo, Japan’s capital and one of the world’s most mega-metropolis of dizzying contradictions. Tokyo has been building ever since, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on densely populated, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional architecture. At the same time, it has brings out unique sightseeing of different town.

This time our itinerary is a shrewd planning on the transportation with budget travel and choose different town for our tourist destination. Save money on transport! Save money on transport!!! Subway is the main transportation artery of the city of Tokyo. You just can buy the ticket at the machine but no need worry about the language because it has different language let you choose. If don’t how to use, can ask information counter teach you how to use.


Japan Tokyo trip (Introduction) 2018

Some branded name at Tokyo/其中一些名牌店

United 2

(Japan traditional house street/日本传统房屋街道)

United 3

(1 day pass ticket / 一日券)

For us, we are recommend use 1 day (24hour) Tokyo Metro Pass which also buys from ticket machine with 600Yen. You can use unlimited time within 24 hour from the first train, but it only using for Tokyo Metro Subway Lines. We also recommend buy another card call PASMO IC card which your destination is not under Tokyo Metro Subway you can use PASMO IC card. PASMO card is convenient for transportation (JR, RAILWAY, SUBWAY & BUS) and shopping because you can top it up and use it over and over! When uses the PASMO IC card takes the train, you can enjoy the small discount.United 4

Pasmo Card


United 5

Me and my sister Selfie at subway station. 姐妹两在地铁站自拍

United 6

Ticket Machine/自动售票机

United 7

(Night View at Tokyo / 东京的夜景)

You can buy PASMO cards at participating railway, subway and bus stations. For our suggestion, you can direct buy from Airport. Buy the PASMO IC card it cost 2000Yen. 1500Yen can be use and 500Yen as deposit, you can top up your PASMO card minimum 1000Yen at ticket machine. While when you return the PASMO IC card, they would refund you 500yen and the amount value in your PASMO card.

It is very important you must have map of subway on your hand because it is convenience for you to know how to take different subway line to your destination.



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我的#日本 之旅 (介绍篇)



(Tokyo street / 东京街道)


对于我们,我们推荐使用1日 (24小时) 的东京地铁通票。这通票是能直接在自动售票机购买价格为600日元。您可以在首班车24小时内无限时间使用但它只用于东京地铁线. 我们还建议您购买另一张名为PASMO IC卡,当您的目的地不在东京地铁地铁下, PASMO IC卡就能派上用场。使用PASMO IC卡能轻松地充值反复使用,可乘坐交通工具((JR , 铁路,地铁和巴士)或是购物买东西。最总要是使用PASMO IC卡搭地铁时,它还会给你小折扣


您可以在参与的铁路,地铁和公交车站购买PASMO卡。但给我的建议是直接在机场购买。购买PASMO IC卡的价格为2000日元,里头有1500日元能使用及500日元为押金。你可以在自动售票机为你的卡充值最低金额为1000日元。当你退回PASMO IC卡时,他们会把你的500日元押金外加里头的余数退还给你。当你乘搭地铁时,


IMG20180213210744(Rail tickets/轨道车票)IMG20180215151155

Traditional Japanese House while i stay at Tokyo / 日本传统屋也是我在东京居住的地方


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